Receive an immediate LinkedIn profile evaluation

  • LinkedIn is a critical tool for job seekers as 95% of recruiters and hiring managers use the platform to find potential candidates.
  • Unfortunately, many individuals fail to take advantage of LinkedIn and their profiles often lack optimization, making it harder for them to be discovered by potential employers.
  • Our AI-powered engine offers a solution to this problem by providing detailed recommendations on how to improve your LinkedIn profile.
  • By utilizing our platform, you can optimize your profile and increase your chances of being discovered by recruiters and hiring managers, ultimately leading to more career opportunities.

Get more opportunities on LinkedIn

  • Our AI-powered technology analyzes your LinkedIn profile and provides feedback on areas that need improvement.
  • By implementing the tips provided by our platform, your profile's visibility on LinkedIn can increase up to ten times, leading to a greater chance of being discovered by relevant recruiters and potential job opportunities.

Improve your LinkedIn profile's score

  • Our platform compares your LinkedIn profile to top-performing profiles on the platform using proprietary algorithms to generate a score based on key criteria.
  • By incorporating our feedback, you can improve your profile's score and increase your discoverability on LinkedIn..
  • Our platform offers tailored advice with detailed explanations and examples, identifying critical areas of improvement unlike any other tool.
  • Our suggestions are curated by real hiring managers and recruiters at top companies, ensuring that our recommendations are effective and based on industry best practices.
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Stand out during the hiring process with a pre-screened BREES™ resume

  • Used by recruiters and hiring managers to screen candidates
  • Perform a preliminary background check in the US
  • Verify your references and social media profiles
  • Confirm your educational & employment background
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Quickly register on multiple job boards and get in front of employers

  • Upload your resume on various job boards
  • Manage your job search from central location
  • Target positions that align with your qualifications and interests
  • Increase your chances of finding the right job for you
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Join weekly events with world-class coaches to help you live your best life

  • Live webinars to help you navigate the hiring process
  • On-demand library with leading experts from around the world
  • Access career advice and inspirational talks
  • Expert guidance and support to ensure success in your job search
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On-demand career coaching resources to help meet your career goals

  • Guidance to help you align with your career vision and aspirations
  • Tailor an action plan to propel you towards your career milestones
  • Assess your professional skills and learn how to improve them
  • Cultivate a work-life balance to ensure you enjoy your career more
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Receive job alerts to your inbox and find relevant jobs with local companies

  • Sign up to get notifications on the latest job openings in your area
  • Create filters to refine your job search & locate the ideal location
  • Be the first to know when the right job opens up
  • Increase your chances of being on the top of the hiring manager's list
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Upload your resume to receive a score and advice on how to improve it

  • Get a resume score that is powered by AI-driven analysis
  • Improve the quality of your resume to ensure it is visible to employers
  • Get past the employer's applicant tracking system
  • Make sure your resume makes it to the hiring manager's desk
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Evaluate your LinkedIn profile on criteria that matter to hiring managers

  • Instantly compare your profile to other job candidates
  • Create a compelling profile to showcase your skills & experience
  • Use your profile to connect with potential employers
  • Get feedback to improve your profile visibility
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This eBook collection offers essential career guidance and tips to succeed

  • Learn how to write a compelling resume that will stand out
  • Discover the best techniques for acing any job interview
  • Uncover strategies to effectively network with recruiters
  • Dealing with the unexpected during the hiring process
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Stay informed and gain an edge over other jobseekers with our content

  • Stay ahead of the competition with the latest news
  • Receive weekly newsletters featuring top industry experts
  • Get cutting-edge insights to help you find the right job
  • Access to expert tips and advice to maximize your job search
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Working with recruiters can increase your chances of getting hired

  • Connect with the best recruiters in your area
  • Develop a connection with recruiters to be on their radar
  • Reach out to top recruiters and learn what they're looking for
  • Stay engaged with recruiters to get their latest job postings
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Build a customized list to network and build relationships with HR contacts

  • Create a list of employers who you have a genuine interest in
  • Research each company to be sure it’s a good fit for you
  • Connect with the appropriate HR contact for each company
  • Keep your HR contact list up to date as they often change
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